My name is Jenny Oakely. Here’s my little introduction about myself:

I’m from Ladner, BC which is a relatively small town just south of Vancouver. I have a passion for many things, but if I had to narrow it down to just one I would definitely say that I love colours. Ya, colours. They absolutely blow my mind in the best way possible. I cannot fathom being colour blind. You’d miss out on the most extravagant thing in the world.

On a different note, if I could travel to any time in history I would most likely travel to Ancient Greece and reside in Sparta. The idea of a whole society built on the foundation of being absolutely ripped and fighting really intrigues me. Not only that, but also the fact that it was one of the few ancient societies that women had almost just as many rights as men (ownership of land, they were also trained to fight, etc.). The seaside lifestyle is also desirable.

Why IDEA: I’ve always wanted to somehow work in the motion picture arts. After taking a film course, I decided that working on a film set just wasn’t for me. After that my passion transitioned to animation. I was more attracted to the idea of art in motion rather than the physical animation itself. With that realization I decided to direct my passions more towards Visual Development, something that could be used in both animation and film. After doing research on different schools, and taking an illustration class that Pascal taught (at Langara), I came to the conclusion that IDEA would provide me with the best skill set wether I decide to continue on with Visual Development as my desired career, or change my mind somewhere along the way. IDEA is just a really we’ll rounded program for provided it’s students with not only a good skill set but also prepares them with a realist view of what to expect after completing the program. So far, I could not be happier with my choice.

I have many artist that I regularly follow on the internet. The provide me with inspiration and aspiration. One artist that I’m finding very inspiring right now is Allison Smith. She has absolutely stunning environment studies and a very unique style of character drawing. Some of her work is shown below. ( you can find a collection of her artwork at http://technologicme.tumblr.com )




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