Balance: Sustainable Design

A circle is a symbol of balance.
Balance is an important aspect of not only just design, but sustainable design. To maintain sustainable design, one must understand the balance in their community, environment, and personal lives.
Containing my manifesto within a circle was the ideal chose to encompass the ideals that by following these rules, one will grow into a well rounded, balanced, designer.
I chose to keep my design manifesto write up minimalistic, because i feel that the ability to distill ideas down to their most minimalistic forms is a great ability among great designers (hem hem Massimo Vignelli).

Sustainability means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me, the idea of sustainability encompasses not only the idea of lasting design that is good for the environment, but also design that is sustainable for a healthy career, sustainability that is collaboration and working with others, and above all else, sustainability that is living a healthy, creative life.



Self Mark:
3.75/5 – I feel like the concept is strong, but the typesetting needs some work (things line up but it doesn’t look very balanced). Looking back, i’m not sure if the serif is the best for this specific poster. I specifically chose NOT to write “sustainability manifesto” on the poster, but perhaps that takes away from the overall design.


I took great inspiration from the manifesto “First things First”.(
as well as a few other manifestos :

A manifesto for creative professionals

29 Things Young Designers Need to Know




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