Cultural Appropriation Brochure

For my Indigenous project, I did a brochure about Cultural Appropriation.

At the beginning of this assignment, I really struggled to focus in on a solution. Right from the start I knew that I wanted to do a project on Cultural Appropriation, but I wasn’t really sure what angle to go at it with. When it came time to hand in our briefs, I had a completely different idea and direction that I was planning on going in. But the problem was, the idea was flimsy and didn’t have a strong foundation.

Cultural Appropriation is such a large topic of contention among many people and many different races. I had to go about my idea in a non offensive way, but at the same time spoke to many different people. I had to present it in such a way that even the people who say “cultural appropriation doesn’t exist” would see it in a different light.

I believe my idea met this requirement. My brochure is directed towards 18-30 year old festival goers who have heard of Cultural Appropriation, but may not think of it as an issue that they should care about/pertains to them. With this brochure, readers should leave reading with a better understanding of why Cultural Appropriation is degrading to the cultures that it affected, and stand up to people perpetuating these degradations.

Because of the young age group of my audience, I chose to design the brochure not only interesting to look at, but also interesting to recieve, much like passing notes in grade school. The actual layout for this folded design lent itself nicely to having the likeness of indigenous textiles.

During the actual design of the project, I struggled with the copy. For this idea to be truly successful, the copy will need to have a lot of whit and quirkiness. I would really like to refine this for a portfolio piece in the future so I will definitely have to find someone to help me spice up the wording. On the second page 3 of the paragraphs end with Lorem Ipsum.

I had a difficult time distilling down all the information into a 3 step guide. There is just so much to talk about! I feel like I did a successful job narrowing it down to 3 categories (1. Defining 2. Understanding 3. Appreciating). Originally I was going to add titles for each tip but I had a hard time trying to place titles so I decided to forgo them all together.

I struggled with the type setting again. I REALLY like the triangular text blocks. But, they are an absolute pain in the butt to set. in the future when I re write the copy, I will keep the setting in mind.

All in all I thought this was a very successful brochure and I had a blast making it. I had to make at least 6 mock ups by hand just so I could get the print layout right. But nothing really beats seeing the finished product printed out. I really liked the challenge that the folded layout gave me.


4/5 (Because the typesetting is a little wonky and i feel like there should be more graphic elements and less copy)



against :



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