Design Resume

I have lots of work experience. I have lots of volunteer experience.

I struggled to find a way to organize this information in an interesting way that doesn’t look too wordy, boring, or chronological. So the challenge was, do I include all of my work experience?


Instead of having a chronologically arranged work experience section, I opted to instead highlight my skills and relate them to the different jobs I’ve had in the past. I utilized the three column grid system to first highlight my self, and then lead to what I’ve done. I’m really happy with the previous work experience section.

I struggled to incorporate my Education and Notable section. Having the headers in those sections the same Sans as the headers in the section above feels like it should be the right choice but for some reason looks awkward with these sections.

I wanted my resume to give away the feeling that I am an intelligent design savvy book nerd. I feel that my chosen fonts represent this.

I’m happy with the over all result but I really do feel like it needs refining. You know when you look at something for two days straight and you just need to look away from it for a bit and then come back with fresh eyes? Ya. Thats where I’m at.



I also tried an alternate layout where my resume looked more like a book and it would fold in half and would have an interesting cover, perhaps a personal wordmark. The problem I had with this one was that all the text was very cluttered in the information section. So, I still need to find a solution for that if I choose to go with this format.

Overall, this project was a really interesting exercise in looking at how I represent information differently!



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