EDIT(20-4-16): SPD Magazine Spread: Micro Living like a PRO

April 20/16

Magazine Spread re-do.
After some really great feedback from both my classmates and Judy, I went back to my spreads and realized that the main critique that Judy gave me was painfully true: My layout had no concept. So, I went back to the drawing board.

I wanted my layout the give the idea of the overwhelming size difference between between small scale living, and regular city living, with also showing the wave of adults who are stepping away from the typical city living and instead opting out for greener pastures.

Although I feel like the right side of the second spread feels pretty airy and a little floaty, I feel like my new design is significantly more solid than my previous one. I opted for a 4 column grid with the left side of the second page fitting into 2 columns for a specific reason, I wanted the body text to feel as structured as possible, much like buildings so it is in contrast with the small houses on and green hill on the right side. I also purposefully made the drop cap on the first sentence as small as possible.

Overall, I am much happier with this design over the first design. I realize that the body copy on the right of the second page still needs some messaging as it is a little boring still. I stand by the mark that I gave myself at the bottom of the first design.


I chose the topic Micro Living (Micro Homes, small space living, etc.) I feel very strong about this topic. I’ve always lived in a small house, and last summer I went from living in a small house to an even smaller apartment. In doing this, I found myself researching small living spacing and how to stay organized in those types of living conditions. I stumbled upon a magazine this past summer that highlighted “Micro Homes” in Squamish BC, and I found it really interesting how not only they all live in the middle of the forest off the grid, but how also everything that they owned in these homes were modular and serve multiple purposes. I suppose that doesn’t have much to do with my topic, but it does highlight why I am so interested in the topic.

For my magazine spread, I went for a clean design hand done style, because for the most part, that it the style of micro homes. They are more often then not, very tidy white painted houses with lots of natural lighting, but still have a hand made feel to them.


I struggled with the front page. Perhaps I need to add more illustration to make it really interesting, or even more detain to the house. But I am really happy with how “Micro Living like a pro” turned out. I added the period to the end to give it a more serious tone, but maybe it’s not necessary.

I am very happy with how the first page of the inside spread turned out. I think the treatment of the title on top of the transparent trees in the background turned out very well.

As for the 1-5 guide, I feel like it ended up well but it is still a little uninteresting and that I can probably push it further with the theme. And for the side bar story at the top, I really like how the icon stamps turned out, but I am not convinced that having them above the body text is the best placement.

All in all I am happy how it turned out and I am really looking forward to pushing it even further as a project and potentially submitting it to the contest next year!



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