Uproot- Social media guidelines

This design project was an amazing experience and a great perspective into how an actual design firm would process work for a client.
I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamic of the group I had chosen and I feel that we worked extremely well together all the way from original ideation phase, all the way to the finished project.

For my contribution of this assignment, I identified the large missed opportunity Kevin’s company Uproot had in the social media realm. Although he had a presence in all of the main social media facets, he was not using them to the fullest of their potential.

As my finished project, I created a Social Media Guidelines booklet for him, that covered all of the platforms that he is currently using and how they are meant to be used, and how Uproot can optimize their use for their needs, as well as examples of sample posts he can make, and post frequencies. I go on later to cover some of the other social media platforms that he is currently not on and how they could potentially benefit him, as well as techniques for making posting easier. I conclude the guideline with tips on how to post effectively.

I believe that this guideline was essential to the project. Social media is in it essence, free advertising, something which Uproot is in great need of. That being said, I do wish that I was able to work on something a bit more conceptual for this specific project.

Overall I am happy with what I have produced for Uproot, and now know that I would actually enjoy working as a Social Media Consultant. I will be telling Kevin that if Uproot ever has any questions about social media, so just send them my way!



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