Final Design

After presenting my top 3 ideas, I decided that I liked the acorn idea the most. While refining this idea, I started by creating the acorn shape that I liked the most. After that, I experimented with different ways in which i could write my name inside of this shape (while intermittently getting feedback on my family as to which one they liked the most, and which one they thought spoke to me the most).

While I really liked all three designs, specifically the to the top right design, my family said that they much preferred the bottom right design. Therefor, I chose to go forward with that one.

After MANY pieces of tracing paper later, I finally crafted the script inside of the acorn in a way in which I was very pleased with.



The biggest struggled that I had with this design was crafting the “n”s so that they did not look like “r”s. I am not entirely convinced that this is the best solution yet to that problem.

For the sake of presentation, I quickly threw this logo into illustrator and did an image trace.


I know that this is still rough and needs some refinement. I plan on going back to it and fixing the awkward spaces such as the strokes connecting the letter forms, and the closeness of the “y” to the edge of the acorn. I would also like to further experiment in how I can change the scripture  to look a bit more naive and hand-done.

Below are colours in which the logo may be found. This logo would best be displayed as a letter pressed stamp.



Below are further examples of applications



(I would like to explore more interesting ways of applying on a business card)

Over all, I am very happy with this project and plan to continue to refine my logo until I absolutely am in love with it (I’m about 82% of the way there now).

I would give myself a 8.75/10



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