Personal Branding – Ideation

Through the process of Ideation, it became evident that my brand essence was to the extent of Stead-fast and Inquisitive, with my additional descriptive words being: Earnest, Transparent, Determined, Positive, and Adaptable.

Although I found that Stead-fast and Inquisitive were very accurate to my brand, I soon discovered that I would have quite the hard time designing a logo or wordmark for myself that would be reflective of this.

During my my ideation, I first had to decide how I would like to be know as an artist. That meaning, because my name is Jennifer Nicole Oakley, I have lots of different options to choose from. Eventually, I came to the conclusion that I would like to be know just as Jenny (I chose to forgo my last name for a few reasons, but the most being that if I choose to get married one day, I don’t need to struggle with the decision wether or not to change my last name based on who I am known as professionally).

Through ideation, I quickly came to realize that I am very attracted to small simple icons and word marks. However, I do truely like the child-like nature of some of the ones below as well, which i think speaks to the style in which I draw.



I thoroughly enjoyed the Ideation phase of this assignment. Although I didn’t quite make it to a grand total of 200 ideas, I was extremely close.

I would give myself 9.25/10


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