Top 3 Ideas

With the help of my classmates and Instructor, Judy, I was able to narrow down my initial ideation into what I believed were my 3 best ideas to move forward with. During this phase, I also began to be able to visualize what type of logos I am very attracted to. Looking below, it is very evident that I not only love black lines, but I also appreciate simple black structures.

I like each different design for very different reasons. It just comes down to me having to ask myself what I would like my personal branding to really say about myself. Thus far, I am more fond of the first two designs, where as the third was more so an experiment for myself. However, I do like the idea of showcasing my work through a little emblem shape.

In all honesty, at this stage I feel like I should have pushed each idea a little further in order to be able to fully realize each ones potential. Specifically being website design as well as a more interesting approach to the business cards. At this stage, I didn’t really look into typefaces as much as just trying to see how each icon/wordmark would look like next to one another.




Although I am happy with the exploration, I do wish that I had pushed it quite a bit further.

Therefor I give myself a 8.25/10


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